Full Body Strength Circuit


Every day we are faced with a ton of choices to make and the choices we end up making sets us up for the rest of our day, week, month and so on. When I am planning out my days I first make a choice to first schedule in my workout, then my meals and then I will schedule out everything else. I put these things first because they are a priority of mine and I choose to do them every day. Not only do I have goals I want to meet, working out and eating healthy makes me feel good and when I choose to do these things, I am taking care of my personal health. Someone recently asked me where I think I would be today if I haven’t made the choices I have made. Easy, I would be spinning my wheels and not getting results, I’d be spending hours on the weekend meal prepping and still not feeling satisfied and nourished, it’d be a lot harder to get myself to the gym and my obliques would still be hidden! We all have choices to make and if you want it bad enough, you will make the right choices. How bad do you want it? Continue reading

Chipotle Mayo


Fat, bad or good for?

As a matter of fact, our bodies need fat! That is actually what our brains function off of. Not all fats are created equally, though. There are hazardous fats that we shouldn’t be consuming, but then there are fats that we want to make sure we are consuming daily. Any processed and prepackaged foods will have the unhealthy fats in them because it is what gives those foods the flavor so many of us desire and what allows for them to not rot sitting on the shelves. Sounds appetizing doesn’t it?

Healthy fats can be found in actual real food and not the processed junk. Our bodies not only need healthy fats to function, but fat burns fat and leaves you feeling fuller longer. If you are on some “low-fat” diet looking to lose weight you might see some immediate results from the restricted calories but you won’t obtain life long sustainable results because you aren’t properly fueling your body with the vitamins and minerals it actually needs. Here are some great options of healthy fats to start integrating into your lifestyle. Continue reading

Chewy Cashew Vanilla Protein Bars


Happy Monday! What a beautiful last couple days of weather we have been having! I don’t feel like it is February 20th, I feel like it is April 20th. We had temperatures nearly in the 60’s Saturday and Sunday and today is down pouring with rain. This fake spring weather is getting my hopes up for summer! I say fake because they are talking a bunch of snow for the end of this week!

How are your fitness and health goals going? We are almost two months into 2017 which definitely means a lot of people have given up their resolutions. I know a lot of people always set out on the new year with a lot of ambition and set goals to lose weight and get healthier. Are you sticking to them or have you lost sight of them? It might be easy to want to give up right now but it is not the time to throw in the towel. Remember Continue reading

Dynamic Conditioning Workout


Happy fitness Friday friends! I couldn’t be any more happy that it is Friday. It was a long week and I have some exciting things happening tonight and a fun day planned for tomorrow with the hubby. Tonight a couple friends and I are hosting an event called Yoga, Sip and Sample. We try to do these events on a monthly basis to get people together to relax, educated and just have a good time talking about goals, health and fitness. If you are in the Eau Claire area and would like to join us, please comment below and I will be sure to send you the deats!

I did a little research yesterday on the Austin Spartan race I will be competing in and it said that it is a “runners race.” My initial thought Continue reading

Garlic Mashed Cauliflower


Valentine’s Day is officially over. The day of love has come and gone. I believe in showing love and gratitude to my loved ones every day, but I suppose other people need to be reminded once a year to show their love and to feel loved. Every year Nick and I decide we aren’t doing anything for Valentine’s Day because, well, it is just another day. I will never forget the year way back in the day where we had this same conversation and I literally did nothing. Like we discussed! No card, no treats, no nothing. Well, I came to find out that his feelings were really hurt. Ever since that year, I at least get him a card. I absolutely hate buying cards because they are such a waste of money. So, this year I decided to write him a letter and I secretly knew he was going to surprise me with something. And he did.

I woke up to a dark chocolate bar, card, and little notes all over the house. He’s just the sweetest. After work I then came home to flowers too. I wanted to keep the romance alive so Continue reading

Paleo Strawberry Cheesecake with a Chocolate Drizzle


I am so proud of this recipe and so sad that it is already gone! I had some ladies over for brunch yesterday and they all loved it and then the hubby scarfed the rest of it up. It is actually really easy to put together, it just takes a little bit of time because of the cashew soaking and freezer time. You still have time to make it for your Valentine!

The sun is rising earlier, setting later, birds are chirping and it is going to hit 43 degrees today! Today, I am thankful for all of those things. Recently I have felt so go go go with my wheels turning at full blast but I don’t feel like I am getting anywhere. Have you ever been there? Before I started doing daily self affirmations and practicing gratitude every day, I would have slumped into my black hole and completely shut myself off to the world. Instead of doing that, Continue reading

All you need is a Bench


Happy fitness Friday! My new training program has been royally kicking my ass. I am so sore, but it is a different type of soreness than I have ever experienced and I am hungry ALL THE TIME. I absolutely hate running on a treadmill for long periods of time and one of my workouts consist of a long run (adding mileage each week) with a few body weight exercises every 1/2 mile (the workout I shared last week). Since it is still so cold outside in WI I have been doing these workouts at the gym on the treadmill. And every time, I lose so much motivation and just want to stop because I am so bored. Next week though, it is suppose to be in the upper 30’s so I am totally taking this workout outside on the trails!

Since I have been experiencing a lot more soreness and I don’t want to risk getting injured before any of my races, I have been adding in some recovery activities to help with that. I take Epson salt baths a few times a week which helps relieve sore muscles and joints, I am doing a lot more stretching and foam rolling and I am starting to do yoga at least once a week. All in all, I am loving this training and get more excited each and every day for my race in May!

Time to get your sweat on! All you need for this workout is a bench! If you have one at home, no need to have to go to the gym. Otherwise, go to the gym, get in a quick 30 minute sweat session and you are done! Continue reading

Chorizo Sweet Potato Hash


On Monday I said how I wasn’t a big Valentines Day fan because I believe in showing love and receiving love from loved ones every single day. I like to show my love for others in the form of food. If I only had to worry about myself, my dinners would be really boring and treats wouldn’t be found in the house (I’m not much of a sweets person). Now that I am married and have another person to think about, every night I want to provide a healthy meal for my husband because I love him and want him to have a good meal for when he gets home. I make sure he has enough food in the fridge for his lunch and snacks the next day and I make him little treats every so often.

There are so many more ways to show people that you love them too. Sending them a random I love you or I am grateful for you text or note. Buying them a “just because” gift. Planning an evening out together or evening in. Enjoying an activity with the person that you know they really enjoy. Doing a house chore that they normally do. Bringing them breakfast in bed or making them a little treat to enjoy. Packing their lunch. Be creative because love shouldn’t be shown just sometimes, it should be shown every day!chorizo_sweet-potato-hash

If you are planning on staying in this Valentines Day and are looking for some ideas of what to make for dinner, treats or plan to surprise your love with breakfast in bed, I rounded up almost 30 recipes that would be perfect! This Chorizo Sweet Potato Hash would be a great addition to a morning breakfast date in bed.

Recipes that say “I love you!” Continue reading

Vanilla Raspberry Cupcakes


I’m going to be honest, I am not a big Valentines Day person. I just see it as a day made up by the greeting cards, candy and flower companies to sell more of their products. I believe in saying I love you and showing gratitude towards your loved ones every single day. The hubby and I try to do date night once a week and find time to just talk every night without any distractions. Of course both these things don’t always happen, but we try to do it as often as we can and not just one day out of the year. I’d rather get a random bouquet of flowers at any given time just because he wanted to, not because he feels obligated to.

Some of our dates can hardly be called dates (which is a-okay with me) and that is because we just find something that we both enjoy doing and we do it together. Like, Continue reading

Indoor or Outdoor Conditioning


My 2017 Spartan race training is underway! I started last week but only made it to day two before getting sick. This week I decided to start from square one and I am truly loving this type of training. I am sharing one of the workouts with you today! The program actually had me starting at 5 miles for this workout and I was like, hell to the no. I have plenty of time to increase my mileage and there is no way I am running 5 miles on a treadmill. Once my mileage gets longer, it will hopefully be nice enough outside to hit the trails! If you are up for aiming for 5 miles, go for it! I will eventually be making my way up to 13 miles. I haven’t ever ran further than 5 miles, pray for me.

My new training program has a lot less heavy lifting and a lot more high intensity conditioning type of workouts. I am very curious Continue reading