Paleo Caramel Apples


Caramel apples are one of those treats that take me back to my childhood. I absolutely loved caramel apples and remember only getting them around Halloween time. I was a no toppings type of kid but now, give me all the toppings! This caramel might not look like the real thing, but it sure taste like the real thing! The coconut sugar in the caramel sauce is what gives it its darker color. Top these bad boys with any topping that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside and reminds you of your childhood!

Recently, on Wednesdays I have been trying to give you guys a little “wisdom” from the ole Kiss by Brooke / Weiss household regarding fitness and nutrition. I am changing gears slightly today to give you a little bit of wisdom about Continue reading

The Everything Quiche


Monday’s. Love em or hate em? I am actually a Monday fan. They are always my most productive days and they set me up for the rest of the week. I’ve even started having “business meetings” with me myself and I! Don’t knock it till you try it. Coming off of a less than productive Sunday, however, this Monday is a bit hectic.

I had such a fun weekend! Friday night was spent recipe developing (yes, this is fun for me!) Saturday kicked off with yes, more recipe developing, a little work and then the afternoon was spent with some great friends of ours touring all the hot local spots in Eau Claire. It’s fun being a tourist in your own town. You should try it sometime! It’s been quit awhile since I’ve had a weekend where I “let loose.” I definitely drank more beer than I probably have all year combined and most definitely didn’t pay attention to my macros. I woke up Sunday in a less than ideal condition but had no shame! I didn’t feel guilty for indulging, nor was I mad at myself for eating and drinking the things that I did. I was pretty excited to get back on track, though and refuel my body with rich nutrients (and tons of water) and that is exactly what I did. We shouldn’t feel guilt or shame if we get off track with our nutrition because it happens to us all! In a perfect world Continue reading

Full Body Conditioning Workout 2.0


Happy Friday! And just like that, the peak of fall is over. I absolutely love fall! Every fall the hubby and I, and Mojo of course, always try and plan an afternoon to take a nice long hike to admire the fall colors. Living in Wisconsin, not everyone has my love for fall because it means bitter cold days and lack of daylight is just around the corner. Winter can be a very unmotivating time for people to stay on track with their diet and workouts. Add the holidays in there and it can be very easy to slip into a whirlwind of bad choices and boom, our goals are out the window. It doesn’t have to be like that, though! I am hear to tell you that it is possible to stay healthy through the winter months AND holiday season while still enjoying those family get-togethers. How do I know this? Because I do it and coach others how to do it. To give others additional support this year, I will be participating and coaching people through a virtual Healthy through the Holidays accountability group. Lots of healthy recipes and workouts will be shared, along with tips and techniques for those holiday gatherings. Shoot me an email at if you want in!

Full Body Conditioning Workout 2.0

– 1 mile run (as fast as you can)


3 rounds for time

– 30 kettlebell swings

– 20 jump split lunge

– 10 push-ups


– 1 mile run (as fast as you can)

What I Ate in a Day and Meal Planning Tips

I wanted to share what I typically eat in a day because I am commonly asked what I eat or people tell me that they just don’t know what healthy foods to eat or meals to make. The thing is though, healthy means something different to everyone and there is no shame in that. I’m not saying that if think going through the McDonalds drive-thru is healthy then that means it is healthy. No, I mean that we all have to learn and understand what good nutrition means to US. We are all different and require different types and amounts of nutrients. My current goals could be the same as some of yours, but how we get there is going to be different because we all require something different.

Below is a day of my eats from this past Saturday. All of these meals completed my individualized macro bank for the day. If you have no idea what I mean by “macro bank” check out this post. I typically eat anywhere from 4 – 6 meals a day because that is what I have found works best for me and my lifestyle. Maybe some of you don’t have the ability to do this and can only eat 3 meals a day. That is totally fine! It takes time, a little bit of effort and commitment to find your healthy lifestyle but it is so worth it. Once you have this down you will be able to say adios to crash diets and yoyo dieting and say hello to living a non deprived, fulfilling and rewarding healthy lifestyle! Continue reading

Vanilla Almond Butter Cake Cups


Self doubt is the enemy to any wishful thought, lofty goal or any “someday” thoughts. I don’t set my goals on things that I know I can achieve. I set my goals on things I am going to need to reach for. Do I sometimes doubt myself that my goals might not be achieved. Sure. Do I dwell on that and just give up? Absolutely not. Instead, I use that doubt as fuel and turn it into confidence, determination and self belief.

Our minds try to trick us into thinking that we can’t do something when in reality, we are only afraid of failure. Would you have learned how to ride a bike if you refused to get back on after you fell off? If you aren’t failing, you aren’t growing. Failure shouldn’t be something we are afraid of. Failure should be embraced because that is when we learn and grow the most. Believe in yourself a little more, embrace failure and watch yourself prosper.

A few tips to kick self doubt to the curb: Continue reading

Determination WOD


Congrats to you all who punches the clock each week, you made it to Friday! Even though this workout is far from rest, lets chit chat about it. Rest and recovery can be a difficult thing for a lot of people. It is for me. I understand the importance of rest and recovery and taking complete days off from the gym. But, if you are like me, there is no time to rest! I have goals to achieve! And that’s what I have to keep reminding myself of, I won’t hit my goals if I am overworking and straining my body. It actually might set me back. Today, the cold season train hit me and I am feeling far from my 100 percent. I am supposed to do legs and butt today but I decided to take a rest day. A year ago, I would have walked into the gym aches and pains and all and done my workout. I probably would have either injured myself or the entire workout would be complete crap and a waist because I wasn’t able to perform at my highest degree. I’ve come to realize that rest and recovery is a necessity in order to make gains in the gym. If you are constantly breaking down your muscle then when are they supposed to repair themselves if you aren’t giving them a chance to heal? Listen to your body, listen to your tweaks and pains and allow yourself to rest. Your body will thank you.

Determination WOD

6 rounds for time of:

– 400m sprint

– 10 barbell thrusters

– 10 bar facing burpees

– pull-ups / handing leg raises (alternate each round)

Peanut Butter and Jelly Crockpot Steel Cut Oats and an insight on Alcohol


Many people’s health and fitness goal is to lose weight and like I have iterated in the past, many of these people are hesitant to sacrifice or change up a few things to achieve to those goals. The most common one of these would be alcoholic beverages and social drinks.  Soon followed by the inevitable question: Do I have to stop drinking? Or, what is the best drink to have when I am out? The honest truth is that there isn’t really a “good” alcoholic drink to have.

Alcohol has been shown to: Continue reading

Pumpkin Pie Candied Walnuts


I had such an incredibly inspiring, motivational, rewarding and fun weekend! I was surrounded by people that lift others up and want to see others succeed. I attended a nutritional and leadership summit in Minneapolis over the weekend and my brain is bursting with such powerful information. I of course geeked out (hard!) when listening to Dr. Paul Biondich talk about nutrition for overall health and performance. Nutrition is the foundation of our health. No ifs ands or buts about it and I was able to learn from one of the best!

The weekend wasn’t all about the “sciencey” stuff, though. I made so many great new friendships and connections and got to fill my belly with lots a good food! I don’t stray from my macros often and when I do, Continue reading

No Equipment Do Anywhere Workout

No Equipment Do Anywhere Workout

Warm-up with a 10 minute job

Perform each exercise for 2 minutes max effort

– Push-ups

– Air squats

– Tricep dips

– V-ups

– Burpees

Rest 2 minutes

Repeat 3-4 times

Cool down with a 10 minute jog

Single Serve Chocolate Protein Cake


Instead of listening to my ramblings on the blog today I want to send you to my facebook page where I explain why you will NOT get bulky if you pick up a weight in the gym and why your body needs muscle. Click here!

On another note, this single serve protein cake really hit the spot today. It is the perfect combination of rich chocolatiness that will make you feel like you are floating on a cloud! Next time I am doubling this recipe so I have another one on hand when my sweet tooth kicks in.

Single Serve Chocolate Protein Cake


  • 1/2 packet Dairy Free Rich Chocolate IsaLean Shake or Dutch Chocolate IsaLean Shake
  • 1 tbsp coconut flour
  • 1 tbsp pure maple syrup
  • 1/2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tbsp cocoa powder
  • 1 egg, whisked
  • 1/4 cup cashew milk
  • 2 tbsp enjoy life chocolate chips


  • Grease a mug.
  • Place Isalean Shake, coconut flour, maple syrup, baking soda and cocoa powder in a small mixing bowl and mix together.
  • In a separate bowl mix together the egg and cashew milk and add to the cake mixture. Mix all ingredients until well combined. Fold in the chocolate chips. Add cake mixture to your greased mug and microwave for 1-2 minutes.
  • Enjoy pure happiness!