No-Bake Protein Pumpkin Bars

The weather is absolutely beautiful this week! With all the rain we have been getting all summer long and into the fall it is quite pleasant to have above 70 degree temps with the sun out all day! I have been trying to take advantage of this weather as much as possible this week. Sooner or later the snow will be flying and the frigid temps will seem never ending. Not only is it healthy to soak in all the natural vitamin D as possible, but fresh air has its health benefits too!

Fresh air can often get overlooked when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle because it isn’t something tangible or something we can see. But, the air we breathe is actually very important to our health. Most of our days are consumed of breathing stale air from sitting inside our homes or offices so getting outside into the sunlight and fresh air is something we should try and do often. Check out the awesome health benefits you can get from just spending a little extra time outside. Continue reading


Crockpot Beef Stew

If I could do a repeat of this weekend, I would! We had friends visiting us and we did all things fall. After starting Saturday off with a yoga class and wandering around the local farmers market, I made us all breakfast. I made loaded scrambled eggs with pumpkin spice protein pancakes and it was delightful! We then went to a local apple orchard to get our caramel apple fix and pick out a couple pumpkins. Caramel apples are a must in the fall. I even have a homemade Paleo Caramel Apple recipe that you can get here! We ended the day by going to a haunted house. I absolutely love haunted houses but have a hard time finding other people who will go with me. So when my friends were open to it, I jumped on the opportunity! On Sunday we took our friends to my ultimate favorite breakfast spot to this local restaurant where there are tons of healthy and gluten free options. Checkout my instagram to see some of their fabulous breakfast options! After breakfast our friends headed home and the rest of my Sunday was spent getting a workout in, recipe development and working on my new website. I cannot wait to launch my new site! Stay tuned as I will be launching it very soon! Any weekend that is full of friends, fun activities, delicious food and working on the blog is a good weekend!

Now it is time to keep that motivation going and get things done this week. I get so many questions about weekly meal planning and prepping so Continue reading

Ignite 12 Minute AMRAP

I haven’t been to the gym since Tuesday and I’m not going again today. I am still trying to kick this bug I caught and taking time off from the gym has been the best thing for me this week, physically and mentally. In years past when I would get sick I would still drag myself to the gym and force a workout no matter how crappy I felt. My mind would tell me that I needed to go to the gym, otherwise all my progress would be lost and I’d gain weight. And, if I did skip a workout I would be very hard on myself with negative self talk and feel I would have to make up for it later. Over the years I have spent a lot of time on personal development and growth and it is times like these that I can see my growth. I haven’t been to the gym in three consecutive days and I never once had a negative thought about it. Instead, I hear my body telling me I need rest. So, I will rest. I don’t have a single regret and I know when I am feeling better I can pick up right where I left off in the gym.

Mind shifts like this don’t happen over night, though. It has taken me many years to get to this point in my health journey but one thing is for sure, I never gave up. Every step backwards I would work extra hard to take two steps forward. I took time (and still do) for me to learn and adopt habits that work for me to listen to my body and give it what it needs. I didn’t let anyone else’s journey deter me from mine. I am still a work in progress, I am still working on me and I will never stop.

The last couple weeks I have ventured into a new gym in town called Ignite. It is owned by a local crossfit gym (Fitelite) and is a group training class focusing on strength, conditioning and yoga. I like trying out new gyms and classes to keep things fresh and my motivation high. I’ve noticed that when I change things up often I see my body change quicker and I am also excited to get in my workout. I would have gone to more classes this week if it wasn’t for this dang flu! Ignite would be a great gym to join for anyone looking to start their fitness journey and if you are looking for accountability and support. The trainers know what they are talking about and will take extra time to teach proper form (which can sometimes be hard to find!). They do partner workouts on Saturdays and even have fun events throughout the month as well. If you are looking to change up your fitness routine or need more accountability I highly recommend Ignite!After warming up and working on some technique, here is the workout we did on Tuesday! Continue reading

Pumpkin Autumn Trail Mix

In the past I have done a pretty crappy job at listening to my body in terms of giving it rest. Let’s be honest, I still struggle with this at times. Just yesterday I caught some bug that is floating around and don’t feel up to my normal self so today I decided to listen to my body and give it rest. In the past, I would have still drug myself to the gym, but not this time. I won’t be stepping foot into a gym until I feel better. Depending on how I feel I may go for a walk, do some light stretching or yoga but that’s it.

With the weather changing and school back in full force people are much more likely to get sick. A little movement and exercise can actually help the body heal and promote immunity. Depending on your symptoms and how you feel sweating it out might not be a bad idea. When sick, I recommend Continue reading

Pumpkin Blueberry Muffins

It’s a new Monday which means it’s a new week with a knew focus. I heard a statistic on the radio this morning that people spend an extra 12 minutes every Monday complaining, compared to any other days of the week. The radio hosts continued to crack jokes by complaining about their work, life outside of work and anything else they could think of. As I am sitting there thinking, this is no way I want to start my Monday (or any day for that matter) off by listening to people complain. I immediately changed the station and then listed off, out loud, what I am thankful for. My mindset was immediately shifted back to positivity and gratefulness.

I decided to focus of being thankful this week. I try and practice thankfulness everyday, but sometimes a bigger reminder and focus is exactly what my mind needs. When I feel in a funk, irritated or frustrated with certain situations I have noticed Continue reading

10 Minute Full Body HIIT Circuit

Happy FriYay! I’ve been changing up my workouts a bit this week to keep myself motivated. Motivation isn’t something that is always there so finding ways to stay motivated is important for living a healthy lifestyle. I tried a new boot camp style workout earlier this week and am go back for round two this weekend. It was nice to get out of my ordinary routine, meet new people and get in a different type of workout. The last couple Friday’s I have been changing up when I go to the gym and today I even threw in this HIIT circuit for a quick warmup. Instead of letting lack of motivation creep in, I’ve found ways to kick my motivation into high gear. When you are feeling unmotivated or looking for a way to change up your ordinary routine, try something new or change up your schedule. You will be surprised what just a small change can do for your mindset! Continue reading

Apple Baked Pork Chops

Are you sick of all my fall recipes yet? I hope not because I have even more fall inspired recipe ideas that I will be sharing on the blog soon. Just yesterday, the supplement company that I am partnered with released their seasonal shake flavor of Pumpkin Spice and I am so excited for pumpkin spice protein balls, pancakes (and waffles), mug cakes, muffins and anything else I can think of to make pumpkin. I sound basic AF but I don’t care. They also released a Chocolate Mint shake, a box of their assorted chocolate flavors and what I am most excited for…. s’mores flavored protein bar! I can’t even with these flavors!

I have tried many supplements in the past and have been with this current company for the last 2 years. They have been able to take care of my every need in terms of supplementation and have even exceeded my expectations on many of their products! Here are 5 reasons why I’m so annoyingly passionate about this superfood company!

1. Breakfast made in 1 minute! No hassle or prep necessary
2. Helps build me some sexy muscles
3. They aren’t just a shake! They are also pancakes, waffles, ice cream, muffins, donuts, protein balls – must I go on?
4. Helps support fat burning
5. Backed by science. Proven by THOUSANDS of people

Don’t get me wrong, I am a strong advocate of eating whole nutrient dense foods and fill my plate with them at every meal. These products have helped me fill the nutritional gaps that I am not getting from the foods I eat leaving me feeling better than I ever have before! Shoot me and email here for more information about these products, to learn more about how they have taken my health to a new level and how they could help you too.

This recipe is crazy simple and delicious. The apples make the onions extra sweet and everything just melts in your mouth. Go buy yourself some pork chops and get cooking!

Continue reading

Fall Harvest Acai Bowl + Fall Inspired Recipe Roundup

Fall gives me all the warm fuzzies inside and it’s pretty apparent that I love cooking fall inspired recipes! I have over 30 recipes below that will kick this new season off to the perfect start. After making this list for you all, I now want to make the majority of these recipes but especially Apple Crisp, Cinnamon Apple Pancakes, Bakes Cinnamon Apples, Pumpkin Bread and Vanilla Chia Pumpkin Spice Smoothie.

I am also sharing a brand spankin’ new recipe today too that will give your taste buds a burst of fall flavor! I love my smoothie bowls but this time I am using a new ingredient, acai berry. I found my acai berry in the frozen food section in the natural section of a grocery store. Acai berry is known as one of the healthiest berries because of its healing and immune and energy boosting super powers. Get the 30 plus Continue reading

Kettlebell Conditioning AMRAP

It’s Friday and it’s time to get our Friday sweat sesh on. I did this workout the other day when I only had about 25 minutes to fit in a workout so I did two rounds. Feel free to do as many rounds as you have time for.

I have been changing up my workout program about every couple weeks lately and am in a power phase right now and loving it! It has been far to long that I did power cleans or any type of jerk. Since I am still deciding on where I want to go with my fitness at the moment, I am keeping myself motivated by changing things up often. I am also trying really hard to listen to my body and do what it is feeling. If I am not feeling the workout I have programmed for the day, I will do something else. I realized the other day that for years now I have been training a specific way, doing specific workouts to attain a certain goal or physique. Now that I am giving myself more freedom and range to do more workouts that actually motivate and drive me I feel so good! The pressure to perform and look a certain way has been lifted and all I have to focus on is what makes me feel my best. If you are feeling the pressure I used to feel I encourage you to figure out what truly makes you happy and do more of that! Continue reading

Fire Roasted Tomato Basil Chicken

As I write this recipe up for you guys I am stuffing my face with this Fire Roasted Tomato Basil Chicken. I used to squirm at the sight of tomatoes and the only way I would eat them would be in the form of pizza sauce. Over five years ago when I decided to go paleo I also decided to venture out and try new foods or incorporate foods that I seldom ate for various reasons. It turns out, tomatoes are really good and I love them cooked. I have found other whole foods throughout the years that I really like cooked differently or paired with certain things.

Eating a whole foods diet can be intimidating or a turn off to people because the amount of food variety can be overwhelming. Like, did you know there are 17 different types of sweet potatoes? A lot of times people go into thinking they need to make extravagant meals with foods they’ve never heard of. Eating a nutrient dense whole foods diet doesn’t Continue reading