Quick & Easy Travel Snacks

I have finally found the time to sit down and recap my road trip to Iowa last weekend! Iowa, I know, sounds boring but it was far from boring! Nick (the fiancé) asked me to go along to a crossfit event with him in Iowa for work. He works for Dynamic Fitness and Strength and they manufacture fitness equipment. Dynamic was sponsoring the event so we had to bring the rig to Iowa and get it all setup. Little did I know, how much fricken work that is! Not only did we have to set it up, we had to take it down and put all the parts back into their boxes and back into the trailer…. it was wonderful.

This is the rig! Pretty neat, huh?!

Rig Setup

Me being me, I knew I had to prep some travel snacks, otherwise I would have been starving the entire ride and whining about it of course. I packed the most basic snacks and they got us through the entire weekend!

I first made this blender bread because it looked really easy to make and I figured I could get some scrumptious PB&J’s out of it. Which I did.

Blender Bread

I got seven or eight sandwiches out of this baby! I made Nick’s with peanut butter (his fav) and my homemade cranberry jam. I made mine with homemade almond butter and my jam.


I figured we probably wouldn’t get many veggies in on the trip, so I made sure to pack them and good thing I did because we ate them all! I just packed carrots and cucumbers but you can easily pack any veggies you want!

Mixed Veggies

I absolutely love eggs and usually have hardboiled eggs in the fridge always! They are the perfect snack and easy to prep. I started steaming mine instead of boiling and they turn out so much better! These ended up being our breakfast each morning.

Hard Boiled Eggs

I packed some lunch meat (I packed everything in a cooler to keep it cool) that we could just easily grab and shove in our mouths. I usually paired these yumtastic plantain chips with the lunch meat for a nice little lunch.

Plantain Chips

I also brought along mixed nuts, bananas, apples, lara bars and protein powder. I just bought some nuts because I was running out of time! We actually didn’t even eat the bananas but I had an apple and almond butter each day. Lara bars are just the best! They are made with all natural ingredients and no added sugar. I was hoping to get a workout in or two but the weekend was way crazier than expected. I had a protein shake on the days that were the busiest and that we didn’t have much opportunity to eat.

Mixed Nuts

Apple and Almond Butter

Protein Shake

The Circus Crossfit 8035 event was really cool. It was the first crossfit event I have seen and some of these people are pretty damn talented and jacked. There was 300 some competitors and they had to complete five workouts total. It was pretty cool to watch and it got me motivated to get back in the gym and kick some ass!

Rope Climbs

Women's Event

Overall, it was a long, exhausting but great weekend! But then again, having yummy and convenient snacks can make any weekend great!


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