BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Kabobs

Chix Pineapple Kabobs

The 4th of July is soon upon us and that means we will soon be surrounded by lots and lots of food and drinks which I’m going to guess won’t be all healthy. It can be hard going to social and family gatherings where you are the odd duck who chooses or has to eat a certain way. Well, prep and bring food with you! Long weekends away from home, I especially prep some food to bring with me. I don’t go all out, I make recipes that are quick, little ingredients and pack well. A lot of times it is raw fruits and veggies, sweet potato chips, grass fed beef and protein powder. I sometimes might make a special treat to bring along too.

Yes, this takes some time but not very much if YOU PLAN AHEAD. I will create a list of foods I want to take on our travels and a day or two before we leave, I start prepping. It makes for easy and quick packing and if I break it up into a couple nights, I’m not whining about how long it takes. My parents have a cabin with a full kitchen so if I don’t have time to make something, I will pack the ingredients and make it there. Other times where I know there won’t be easy access to kitchen supplies, I pack things like trail mix, raw fruits and veggies, RX bars, lunch meat or hard boiled eggs (things that will be just fine in a cooler or stored in containers).

Not to be completely cliche, people don’t plan to fail, they fail to plan. Get out your pen and paper and literally make a list of foods you want/need to get through a holiday weekend away from your own kitchen. That way, you know you will have healthy options. Also, make sure to splurge a little. That’s what holidays are for!

These kabobs would be perfect to prep before your travels and grill up wherever you are staying. Camping, cabins, cottages whatever it may be, I bet there will be a grill around!

Chix Pineapple Kabobs 3

BBQ Chicken and Pineapple Kabobs


-4 boneless chicken breasts chopped in chunks

-1 pineapple chopped in chunks

-Kabob Sticks


-Soak the kabob sticks in water while prepping pineapple and chicken (this way they won’t burn)

-Add the chicken and pineapple chunks to the sticks in the order you want

-Throw them on a hot grill and cook until chicken is cooked through

-Add BBQ sauce and keep on grill for 1 more minute

-Remove from grill and dig in!

BBQ Sauce Recipe

Chix Pineapple Kabobs 1


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