Green Machine Smoothie

Isa Smoothie Green

I started my paleo journey about three years ago. I wasn’t over weight (bigger and fluffier, yes), I didn’t have food allergy on food allergy and nothing was physically “wrong” with me. I started eating paleo because I was curious. I was working really hard with fitness and my workouts and knew I needed to start paying more attention to what I was putting into my mouth. I never did a Whole30, well, I may have and not known I did because I ate extremely clean for a very long time. I never had an OMG this is amazing moment or man, I am really sleeping awesome! I did see physical changes which I was happy about and realized I did feel much better without gluten and dairy. What I am getting at is, I am still trying to figure out MY diet (lifestyle) that works best for MY body. It is a journey and it is a long journey for many, me included.

Even when I was eating clean I still had the afternoon slump almost everyday. I would get tired and drowsy and just want to take a nap. I tried eating more, which I needed but that didn’t seem to help with my afternoon slump and lack of energy throughout the day. A friend of mine (who has energy all.the.time) introduced me to the supplement line, Isagenix. I was very skeptical  about it because it sounded like yet another fad diet where people drink shakes, lose weight but still don’t learn how to eat real food. I didn’t want to jump on the band wagon of the newest and greatest diet. But, I got to thinking, I use protein powder (which is not paleo) everyday if not twice a day. So, I decided to try a pack of the dairy free protein powder, Natural Berry Harvest (can’t do whey). I wasn’t expecting to feel any different than I do when consuming my usual protein powder. I felt awesome! Just from one little serving of Isagenix protein, I felt like I had more energy and I wasn’t hungry all day long like I usually am. I ordered myself a custom package because I was able to choose products that best fits my goals and activity level and have been using the products for three days now. I have used the pre-workout e+ and I am pleasantly surprised on the energy boost it gave me for my early morning workouts! I LOVE the coffee. It has coconut oil and green tea extract in yet and it is so smooth. Yep, love. I have also been taking the Ionix Supreme supplement which has a lot of stress relief factors to it. If you say you don’t get stressed, I don’t believe you. I do have to say, I have felt pretty damn good these last few days. I have energy that is just there, I don’t get sleepy in the afternoons and I am not hungry every waking hour, all things that have been lacking from my extreme clean paleo eating.

Even though I feel great, I still have my concerns and skepticism but I am educating myself, I am researching and I am product testing. I may lose some paleo readers and followers if I decide to continue on the Isagenix journey, but that is okay. It is okay because this is my health journey. This is me figuring out the best nutrition and lifestyle for me. Healthy nutritious filled meals will always be extremely important to me and I will not stray from that. I am just a normal person trying to be optimally healthy. I will strive everyday to reach that optimal health and I hope you stick around and join me on my journey.

I used the Isagenix Natural Berry Harvest in this green smoothie. Coming from me, someone who is seriously hungry always, I didn’t even think about eating until 3-4 hours later and I wasn’t even that hungry! Are any of you Isagenix users or other supplement users? I would love to hear from you and how they are working for you!

Isa Smoothie Lara Bar

Green Machine Smoothie


  • 1 1/2 cup almond milk
  • 2 handfuls fresh or frozen spinach
  • 1/2 avocado
  • 3-4 ice cubs
  • 1 packet Natural Berry Harvest IsaLean Protein
  • 1 Larabar (optional)


  • Add all ingredients into a blender or nutriblender and blend until smoothie.
  • Pour into a bowl because eating smoothies out of a bowl is the cool thing to do.
  • Top with chunked Larabar flavor of choice and dive in.

Isa Smoothie


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