How I Plan to Eat Paleo on Thanksgiving

It is officially Thanksgiving week! A day (more like a week with all the leftovers) revolved around stuffing our faces until we can’t breathe, pure joy right there. Thanksgiving can be extremely tough for us paleo eaters with the 89,684,939,583 temptations, but I am going to show you how I plan to stay paleo on Thanksgiving and hopefully it will help you to make mindful decisions too and enjoy the day and night without a gut wrenching stomachache!

I plan to bring a few dishes to my family Thanksgiving. That way, I know for a fact that I will have paleo options no matter what. Is it weird that I already know what my dinner plate is going to have on it…? Here is my paleo Thanksgiving menu!

  • Turkey – Momma KISS is handling this part (thank gosh). I stick to white meat only, big fat chunks of the breast are my absolute favorite! I also skip the gravy. No thank you, the turkey is juicy and delicious enough without! If you are a gravy lover, make your own!
  • Sweet Potatoes – this is all me, my bread and butter. I absolutely love sweet potatoes and could eat them anyway. I was fully instructed to not make any “fancy paleo” sweet potatoes, so I am sticking with this extremely simple recipe from Balanced Bites.Sweet P
  • Roasted Beets and Carrots – Me again! I love beets, I love carrots and I love this recipe. I have made it before and it is too good not to share with my loves on Thanksgiving.

Roasted Beets and Carrots

  • Biscuits – I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but it only has 5 ingredients and seems pretty simple to make. And, we all deserve a little bread on Thanksgiving!

Tray of home-baked scones, straight from the oven.

  • Cranberry Jam – If you’re going to have biscuits, you have to have jam to go with em! My cranberry jam is still one of my favorite recipes I have ever made!

Cranberry Jam 3

  • Mixed Cooked Vegetables – Even though it is Thanksgiving, it is still important to get in your veggies and you can’t go wrong with this recipe from yours truly!

Mixed Cooked Veggies

There you have it! My Thanksgiving plate will be filled with turkey, lots of veggies and biscuits! Now I’m hungry, dang it! Thanksgiving is a day to be thankful, be thankful for the opportunity to make health conscious decisions to continue to live a long long life feeling your best! Stop eating when you are full because THERE WILL BE LEFTOVERS. There always is! Also, treat yourself. Let yourself have your favorite dessert or your favorite Thanksgiving dish. I know I will enjoy a piece of non-paleo carrot cake and I won’t regret it for a second! I want to finish with telling you all that I am extremely thankful that you continue to take interest in my recipes and my rambles. I take pride and joy into creating delicious healthy recipes and I am so happy and thankful that I get to share my passion with you! Happy Thanksgiving!


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