Brooke’s Daily Eats

Before diving into the nitty gritty of what I eat in a day (I know you guys are just dyyyying to know) I want to throw a quick disclaimer out there – this is my typical eats on my prep! This was a low carb day for me so yes, my meals do change slightly day to day. I am now two weeks out so also take that into account as well. Holy sh*t I am two weeks out..! I don’t feel the need to share any portion sizes or macros with you because this is my prep, not anyone else’s and macros are extremely dependent on the individual.

4:45am: Cup of Joe on my way to the gym – no picture because as you can imagine, it looks just like a black cup of coffee!

6:15am (post-workout): protein shake with this here pure protein powder – chocolate’s where it’s at!

7:30am: Breakfast! Finally! More times than not I have ground turkey, 1 egg and throw in some type of greens to get those micronutrients in too – sometimes I will just do egg whites instead of the whole egg.


10:00am: Snack! I usually just do a protein snack because let’s get serious, my macros don’t allow for anything else. I’ll usually just do a tuna packet. I usually have a cup of tea around this time too.

12:30pm: Lunch! Here I have white rice, grilled chicken and again some greens. I used to bring fish to work for lunch and have my chicken in the evenings, but the day my co-workers were looking for “the dead mouse” in the office, I stopped bringing in the fish…. I then sip on tea throughout the afternoon.


3:00pm: Snackster of a protein again. It is usually another tuna packet, ground turkey or chicken.

5:30pm (post-workout): I call this my protein ice cream. I have it every single day because it is like I am getting in a little naughty treat even though it isn’t! I usually immediately devour this so I forgot to take a picture until it was pretty much almost gone. Sorry!

Protein Ice Cream

8:00pm: Dinner! This here is a hunk of tilapia, sweet potato (my absolute favorite food!) and green beans. I always have either fish or chicken for dinner, always a veggie and a starch when my macros allow it. Then, one more cup of tea before bed.


Well, there you have it! Nothing too exciting but honestly, it isn’t THAT boring either. It could definitely be worse. If you like these posts, I’d be happy to continue to do them as I do my reverse diet after my show. Comment below if you would like me to keep doing this!


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