30 Minute Sweat Session

Are you in as much need of the weekend as I am? This has been quite the week and I am looking forward to some fun, fitness, friends and family (just to name a few of my favorite F words)! You should have absolutely no excuse this weekend to not get in at least a little movement. If it is going for a walk/hike, bike ride or this workout just do me a favor and move. If this isn’t doing it for you, make sure to checkout these no equipment workouts.

10 Minute AMRAP

– 50 jump ropes

– 50 narrow stance body weight squats

– 50 skaters

2 minute rest


10 Minute AMRAP

– 40 mountain climbers

– 40 back lunges

– 40 jumping jacks

2 minute rest


10 Minute AMRAP

– 30 second front, side, side plank (hold each for 30 sec)

– 30 bicycle crunches

– 30 butterfly crunches



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