Backyard 30 Minute AMRAP

Crossfit Class

It’s Friday, Friday, Friday! I did something cool this week, cool for me anyways. I attended and survived two crossfit classes! I have done crossfit style workouts on my own, but never a class. A friend invited me to her crossfit gym (box?) to try out a class. I was never the “group training class” type of person but I decided to give it a whirl. Well, I loved it and now want to join the gym and add “crossfitter” to my resume. Going to this class was definitely out of my comfort zone. I usually keep to myself at the gym and get in and get out. With crossfit, you are surrounded by others and being coached as you workout so it was pretty new to me. But, if I wouldn’t have taken that step outside of my comfort zone I would have never known I would enjoyed crossfit class as much as I did. In order to grow and become better, we must go out of our norms and try new things. I challenge all of you to pick something that you normally wouldn’t do and do it! Just give it a try and it can be anything! Yoga, spin class, weight training, eating a new food, etc. Who knows, maybe you will find a passion that you never knew you had.

Backyard Workout

Backyard 30 Minute AMRAP

Grab a weighted plate, dumbbell or kettlebell – grab a weight you can perform each weighted exercise below with. If you aren’t ready for a weight, don’t use one. If you don’t have a hill in your yard, just run/bear crawl the flat 30-50 yards.

– Hill sprint

– 30 walking lunges holding a weight over your head (total)

– Run back down the hill

– Bear crawl up the hill

– 50 weighted Russian twists (total)

– Run back down the hill

– Hill sprint

– 15 weighted thrusters

– Run back down the hill

– Bear crawl back up the hill

– Lying leg curls


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