Burpee Challenge

Another holiday weekend is upon us and I am giving you ALL the tools to stay on top of your health and fitness goals! Long weekends are no excuse to get off course. Stay focused and motivated and you will make it through the weekend with flying colors! Lots of us will be surrounded with not so healthy foods and endless amounts of alcohol BUT with my 5 tips and tricks of vacationing smart, you won’t be set back on any of your goals. I also shared a roundup of healthy recipes that would be great for Labor Day weekend, see those here. Here is a workout you will be able to do wherever you will be over the long weekend!

For the thrusters, if you don’t have any weights available (kettlebell, barbell, dumbbell) find a rock, log or anything in the house that has some weight to it. You could also do jumping split lunges in place of the thrusters.

Burpee Challenge

– Run 1 mile


1 RFT (round for time)

– 30 thrusters

– 10 burpees

– 20 thrusters

– 20 burpees

– 10 thursters

– 30 burpees

– Run 1 mile


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