2016 Granite Games Workout


Last weekend we hiked er up to St. Cloud, MN to cheer on a close friend of mine at the 2016 Granite Games competition. She competed on a team of all girls and this was her first time competing at the Granite Games. She totally crushed it and I am so proud of her! I have been working with her on her nutrition for the last few months and she has been able to release 18 pounds of unwanted body fat. Because of her commitment, determination and consistency she was able to meet one of her goals last weekend which was getting not 1 but 4 pull-ups! She is a prime example that when you put your mind to something and work hard, anything is possible.

Another highlight of the weekend was getting a photo taken with Brooke Wells! She is a 2 time Crossfit Games athlete and 6th fittest women on earth! She is a damn animal!


All athletes had to endure 9 workouts throughout the course of the weekend! Here is one of the Sunday workouts that can easily be done at your local gym.

2016 Granite Games Workout

– Row 40 calories

– 25 box jumps

– 15 overhead squats


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