Triple 100 Partner Workout


Happiest of Friday’s to you! The hubby and I are heading to Philly today to run in our first ever Stadium Spartan race tomorrow. More about that on the blog next week. This weeks workout is a partner workout because I strongly believe in accountability. Fun fact, the day my friend and I did this workout it was raining all day and was so gloomy. If I would have just planned on working out myself that afternoon I would have easily talked myself out of it because a good netflix series while listening to the rain sounded so much better. But, I knew she was coming over and I had to give her a great workout so that is exactly what we did. If you easily talk yourself out of doing a workout or eating pizza over a healthier meal, find yourself an accountability partner. I am lucky enough to have a lot of accountability partners in my life. I have friends that push me in ways I am not usually pushed, I have friends that rely on me and I have a husband who challenges me in the gym. Without them, I would skip a lot more workouts and not perform to my full potential. If you are sitting there thinking, I have no idea who my accountability partner could be. Don’t worry because I will be!

Triple 100 Partner Workout

With a partner, complete 100 reps (together) of each exercise. While partner A is working partner B runs.

  • 100 kettlebell swings
  • 100 front rack lunges
  • 100 roll-outs


7 min AMRAP

  • 300 jump ropes
  • Max effort V-ups


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