Full Body Conditioning Workout 2.0


Happy Friday! And just like that, the peak of fall is over. I absolutely love fall! Every fall the hubby and I, and Mojo of course, always try and plan an afternoon to take a nice long hike to admire the fall colors. Living in Wisconsin, not everyone has my love for fall because it means bitter cold days and lack of daylight is just around the corner. Winter can be a very unmotivating time for people to stay on track with their diet and workouts. Add the holidays in there and it can be very easy to slip into a whirlwind of bad choices and boom, our goals are out the window. It doesn’t have to be like that, though! I am hear to tell you that it is possible to stay healthy through the winter months AND holiday season while still enjoying those family get-togethers. How do I know this? Because I do it and coach others how to do it. To give others additional support this year, I will be participating and coaching people through a virtual Healthy through the Holidays accountability group. Lots of healthy recipes and workouts will be shared, along with tips and techniques for those holiday gatherings. Shoot me an email at kissbybrooke@gmail.com if you want in!

Full Body Conditioning Workout 2.0

– 1 mile run (as fast as you can)


3 rounds for time

– 30 kettlebell swings

– 20 jump split lunge

– 10 push-ups


– 1 mile run (as fast as you can)


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