Not Just a Treadmill Workout

Top KB Swing

The above photo is actually from earlier this summer when I was still reaping the benefits of my leanness from my show. #flashbackfriday I am not this lean anymore and I definitely don’t have my summer tan! I don’t look at this photo and feel guilt or unhappy that I no longer look like that. I look at this photo and feel motivated and determined. I know what I am capable of and will use that to keep myself inspired to push myself even further. Find a photo (doesn’t even have to be of you) that inspires you. Put that photo somewhere that you will see it every single day. Use it as motivation and inspiration to keep working towards your goals! We are all capable of amazing things and accomplishing any goal. Sometimes we just need a little extra push to get us there!

Not Just a Treadmill Workout

30 Minute AMRAP

– 3 minute run at 1-2% incline

– 20 kettlebell swings

– 15 in and out jump squats

– 10 triceps dips on the back of the treadmill


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