Spartan in Training Workout


Earlier this week I posted a review of the five new Arctic Zero frozen dessert flavors. I have always loved ice cream and when I was strict paleo I completely cut it out of my diet. That was hard. I actually cut a lot of things out of my diet when I went strict paleo. Some things were easy to give up and other things not so much. Today, I am extremely thankful for my dedication to the paleo diet because it taught me more about my body than anything else could. Now, I am well aware of the foods that make me feel good and the foods that don’t. I have been able to find a balance with “treating” myself or enjoying those foods that were once off limits. I can’t stress enough how important a healthy and balanced diet is to the success and sustainability of living a healthy lifestyle. Your diet, for a lack of a better term, shouldn’t be depriving, tasteless or stressful. If it is, I am sorry but it is going to fail. Make mindful decisions, but treat yourself every once in awhile too. It may take a little trial and error or even a little over indulgence to find your balance. When you find it though, the food freedom you feel with be exhilarating and you will be able to sustain your healthy lifestyle for the rest of your life.

I haven’t been out on the race course in awhile so I decided to do a little spartan training in the gym! If you want to feel like a Spartan for a little while, give this workout a try!

Spartan in Training Workout

– 1 mile run

THEN 3 rounds for time

– 30 KB swings

– 20 push-ups

– 10 burpees


– 1 mile run


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