Front Squat Booty Gains


Fitness and health is a journey and I’ve been on my fitness journey for 4 plus years now (not counting high school athletics or my college years). My fitness journey has gone from being a cardio queen to only lifting heavy weights, to higher intensity workouts back to only lifting weights and so on. I was strict paleo, then a macro counter, non-strict paleo and you are starting to get the picture. I’ve done and tried all of these things because I want to find the best fit for me. I want to find the nutrition that my body responds to best and workout routines that leave me feeling happy and motivated to do it again the next day. There is no one-size fits all when it comes to health and fitness and that is why we all undergo our own journey’s.

I used to think I needed to look a certain way, have a certain amount of muscle and strength. Those thoughts lead me to follow a certain meal plan/diet and fitness routine because that is what I thought I had to do to look a certain way. I would fight through really boring workouts for months at a time because I thought that is what I had to do. Not because I wanted to. It wasn’t always easy or motivational to go to the gym to do workouts that didn’t make me feel excited. Eventually, I started doing workouts that got me excited and started eating foods that made me feel good even if they weren’t paleo. Along with these changes came a lot more happiness and satisfaction with myself. I don’t need to be the strongest or most muscle defined girl in the gym. I don’t need to be labeled as a paleo dieter. When I was finally able to let go of the “I have to do this” I had a lot more thoughts and feelings of “I get to do this” and it has led to happier workouts, motivation and excitement to eat healthy and get my workouts in and overall gratification with myself.

This is just a little insight of my fitness and health journey and some reassurance to you all that if you haven’t found the right fit for you just yet, not to worry because it is out there. Keep moving forward on this journey, try new things, educated yourself and reflect on what truly makes you happy. Let go of any negative thoughts or “have to” thoughts and start doing what makes you feel good and happy!

Front Squat Booty Gains

– 6 x 4-5 front squats


– 10 minute Ladder starting at 10 then 12, 14, 16, 18……

– Front squat

– Pull-ups

– Box jumps


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