Full Body Conditioning Workout 2


It is crazy how your mood and overall day can change just by making small changes to positively change your mindset. Mindset is everything. If you have a piss poor mindset you will most likely be living a piss poor life. If your mindset is focused on the good, positivity, goal oriented, and creating solutions instead of problems you will most likely be living a much happier and fulfilled life. Here are a few things that I have started doing on a daily basis to refocus my mindset.

  • Self affirmations – before I start my day I say three things to myself that I love about me.
  • Connecting with loved ones – I have been making more time in the evenings to actually sit down with my husband to talk and connect.
  • Proud moments – I end my day by reflecting on the things I did that day that made me proud.

Just by adding in these small efforts, I can already see a difference in how I look at my day and daily stressors. I feel calmer, more in control and accomplished. If you don’t do any of these things, I encourage you to start doing at least one of them on a daily basis. The right mindset can change a lot more than you think!

Full Body Conditioning Workout

– 1 mile run


3 Rounds for Time

– 30 bodyweight squats

– 15 push-ups

– 15 burpees

– 15 pull-ups

– 15 box jumps

– 30-60 second hollow hold

– 25 walking suicide lunges (each leg)

– 15 tuck jumps


– 1 mile run


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