2000 Meter Row Workout


TGIF! Yesterday felt like Friday to me so I am beyond ecstatic that it is finally Friday. Winter is in full swing here in Wisconsin. We are currently getting dumped on with snow and could get up to 1 foot of snow! I love snow so bring it on! Snow storms are a great excuse to stay home and not go anywhere, but what about your goals? What about your workout? We can’t control mother nature but we can control the decision to still get up and move. Just because winter makes it a bit harder to get to the gym isn’t an excuse to give up and throw in the towel. I have tons of workouts that can be done right at the comfort of your own home! You can find them here! If you can make it to the gym, this conditioning workout will have you feeling accomplished and ready to take on the rest of the weekend!

2000 Meter Row Workout

For time: Row 2000 meters

– Every 500 meters complete:

– 20 kettlebell swings

– 15 pike crunches with your feet on the seat of the rower

– 10 push-ups

– 5 burpees


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