25 Minute AMRAP


Happy fitness Friday y’all! My go to paleo blogger, Paleomg, has been posting a lot more fitness and workout related things on her blog and instagram account. I took one of her crossfit gym’s workouts changing a couple things and voila!

Are you still crushing your 2017 goals? The excitement and ambition should be high right now and use that motivation to push harder than you ever have before. But, not to be the bearer of bad news, the excitement will subside and your motivation will decline and it will be easier to give up than keep pushing. I am here to tell you that is when you dig extra deep into your why and keep pushing forward. Know that there will be good days and know that there will be plenty of bad days too. If you are fully prepared to handle anything that comes your way through your health journey, you will be that much more successful with your goals. Keep pushing, grinding and sweating it out!

25 Minute AMRAP

– 1000m row

– 800m run

– 5 minute bike

– 40 burpees

– 20 pull-ups


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