Upper Body Burner


I’ve been changing up my workouts for the past two weeks and have been loving them so I am changing things up on the blog and bringing you an extra workout this week! For a long time I would do workouts that I thought I “had” to do instead of doing workouts that I actually liked. It was pretty easy to get unmotivated when doing workouts that really didn’t give me a thrill so I said no more! I am dedicating 2017 to the year of doing more things that I love and that is starting with changing my workouts! I LOVE high intensity workouts. Will I get massive and crazy strong? No, I won’t and that is okay because my goals have changed. Here is an upper body workout that I have done two consecutive weeks so far and when I am done, I can literally not lift my arms. Get er done!

Upper Body Burner

5 Rounds of:

– Max reps of bench press at 50% body weight

– Max reps of banded assisted pull-ups

Rest is only when moving from station to station


Rest 3-5 minutes


3 Rounds of:

– 1 minute of inch warm walkouts

– 12-15 reps of DB reverse fly


– 1 minute max situps

– 1 minute plank

Repeat with no rest until you can no longer hold a 1 minute plank


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