High Intensity Conditioning Workout

Let me tell you about my day traveling to San Antonio. It started with driving to Minneapolis the night before my flight to stay with a friend because my flight was at the butt crack of dawn. My steering wheel started shaking like mad when I reached 65 miles an hour. WTF? Well, it turns out there was snow and ice built up in the tires causing it to shake. I even pulled over, got on my belly in the snow to see if I could break anything lose. I wasn’t successful. Moving on, I go to bed and seriously wake up every 30 minutes in a panic that I over slept and then I ended up getting up before my 3:45am alarm anyways. Fun stuff. Get to the airport and through security with no problems. Awesome, things are going well. Then we board the plane for a 5:45am takeoff. Nope, that didn’t happen. We sat on the plane at the gate for two hours. Neat, huh? I was suppose to have a connecting flight in Chicago but the weather was to bad so they cancelled the flight…after sitting on it for two hours…. Fast forward a bit, I find my bag and book a new flight. Oh and by the way, it is now only about 8:00am. Anyways, I start heading back to my friends house to get some sleep before my flight later in the day and my damn GPS decides to take me on a wild goose chase. I eventually got back to my friends, maybe slept 30 minutes in and out and now I am currently sitting on the floor of the Denver airport because I couldn’t find any other outlet still not at my final destination of San Antonio! Go me.

But you know what, I got to see my friend longer than anticipated, I got a bunch of work done, I got to fly to Denver instead of Chicago and eat at a restaurant that I’ve been wanting to try forever and I met some cool chicks along the way. I could have easily let these things ruin my day and ruin my trip but I said screw that! Now, as I am chilling on the floor of the airport I feel pretty dang thankful and grateful that I even get the opportunity to travel and the flexibility to design the life I want. There are always many different ways to handle certain situations. And today, I chose to find the positive in all the crap that was thrown at me. My mind is clear and happy and I am ready to take on the rest of what this trip is going to throw at me!

High Intensity Conditioning Workout

6 – 8 rounds

– 200m sprint

– 25 bodyweight squats

– 20 kettle bell swings

– 15 single leg lunges with back foot up on the side of the treadmill (or bench or step if you are outside)

– 10 push-ups

– 5 burpees

Complete 6 – 8 rounds with limited to no rest in between movements


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