Indoor or Outdoor Conditioning


My 2017 Spartan race training is underway! I started last week but only made it to day two before getting sick. This week I decided to start from square one and I am truly loving this type of training. I am sharing one of the workouts with you today! The program actually had me starting at 5 miles for this workout and I was like, hell to the no. I have plenty of time to increase my mileage and there is no way I am running 5 miles on a treadmill. Once my mileage gets longer, it will hopefully be nice enough outside to hit the trails! If you are up for aiming for 5 miles, go for it! I will eventually be making my way up to 13 miles. I haven’t ever ran further than 5 miles, pray for me.

My new training program has a lot less heavy lifting and a lot more high intensity conditioning type of workouts. I am very curious to see the changes I will see physically and vascularly (is that even a word?). I am also trying to increase my flexibility to minimize injury so I signed myself up for a hot yoga class tomorrow, again, pray for me! Before I leave you so you can go get your fitness on, I saw a quote today and it really resonated with me because this new training program is pretty different than the way I am used to training. Honestly, it is really hard right now because my body isn’t conditioned for this type of training…yet! So, anytime you feel discouraged or something seems too hard and you are ready to give up, remember this quote. “I may not be there yet, but I’m closer than I was yesterday.”

Indoor or Outdoor Conditioning

Run 2 miles and every 1/2 mile perform:

– 20 walking lunges

– 20 tiger crawls – video

– 20 mountain climbers

– 20 burpees

*Perform weekly for up to 8 weeks and increase by 1 mile each week*


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