Full Body Strength Circuit


Every day we are faced with a ton of choices to make and the choices we end up making sets us up for the rest of our day, week, month and so on. When I am planning out my days I first make a choice to first schedule in my workout, then my meals and then I will schedule out everything else. I put these things first because they are a priority of mine and I choose to do them every day. Not only do I have goals I want to meet, working out and eating healthy makes me feel good and when I choose to do these things, I am taking care of my personal health. Someone recently asked me where I think I would be today if I haven’t made the choices I have made. Easy, I would be spinning my wheels and not getting results, I’d be spending hours on the weekend meal prepping and still not feeling satisfied and nourished, it’d be a lot harder to get myself to the gym and my obliques would still be hidden! We all have choices to make and if you want it bad enough, you will make the right choices. How bad do you want it?

Full Body Strength Circuit

20 Minute AMRAP

– 15 push-ups

– Max pull-ups

– 15 box jumps

– 15 burpees


– 5 minute hill/incline sprints of 20 second work and 10 second rest (repeat for 5 minutes)


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