Post Workout Leg Burner

Last week I got to workout in a new gym and I did sprints on a Woodway Curve treadmill which is a self-powered/manual treadmill and I of course now want one. The gym also had a full rig system so it was fun to get in some extra Spartan training. Speaking of Spartan races, I only have 8 weeks until my first Super race! I am currently in a deloading week where I am taking it relatively easy and then starting Monday I am going to start upping my intensity and endurance again. I have a full 8 week training plan ready to go and I made some changes to my nutrition. I had to switch my mindset during my new style of training because I am no longer training for aesthetics. I am training for performance so I need to fuel my body to perform optimally.

I say I had to change my mindset for this way of fueling my body because when training for aesthetics you are leaning out and seeing your body become more muscular and defined. When training for performance being shredded isn’t a priority. Having the energy to perform high intensity workouts and recover is the main focus and to do this you have to eat more. I will be eating in a caloric surplus in order to recover from my workouts, have energy and not lose muscle mass that I have worked really hard to get. In all of my training experience I have either been eating to cut or maintain. I have never purposefully eaten in a surplus until now. It can be mentally challenging seeing muscle definition slowly fade. Right now though, I am okay with that because I have a goal and I know what I have to do in order to reach it. I am ready to kick these next 8 weeks in the ass and feel stronger physically and mentally than I ever have before!

Post Workout Leg Burner

5 Rounds for Time

– 24 air squats

-24 lunges

-24 jumping lunges

-12 burpees


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