45 Minute AMRAP

I have a problem, an addiction really. I signed up for another obstacle race! This one will be more on the fun side versus competitive. Who am I kidding, my competiveness will roar its head I am sure. Here is a quick run down of races I will be running this year: Spartan Sprint, Super and Beast (Spartan Trifecta!), Tough Mudder and a Warrior Dash. I would love to run a Rugged Maniac, those look really fun! What other obstacle races are out there? Help me add more to this list!

Spring is finally here to stay and that means summer is on its merry way. It is the time to come out of winter hibernation and get our fitness on. Kick your weekend off with a killer sweat sesh, enjoy the weekend’s beautiful weather and kick some ass!

45 Minute AMRAP

Complete as many rounds as possible in 45 minutes

– 15 burpees

– 15 bear crawls (30 total)

– 15 dumbbell squat thrusters

– 30 second plank

– 1/4 mile run


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