30 Minute Circuit Conditioning

I am loving incorporating more and more higher intensity workouts into my week! Life seems to be getting busier each week but I know I can still get in a quick and effective sweat sesh! Only have 30 minutes, that’s okay! You can still get your heart rate up, break a sweat and then go on your merry way. Not only can you kick out this workout in 30 minutes, I have tons of other awesome workouts that you can do with limited to no equipment and range anywhere to 20 – 45 minutes. Check them all out here! Now go out and enjoy this beautiful weather we are being graced with this weekend! Cheers to an awesome and active weekend!

30 Minute Circuit Conditioning

10 minute AMRAP

– 10 deadlifts

– 10 burpees over the bar

– 10 KB pulse squats


10 minute AMRAP

– 20 KB swings

– 20 burpees

– 20 overhead walking lunges


10 minute AMRAP

– 30 Russian twists

– 30 burpees

– 30 second plank

Finish with a 5 – 10 minute cool down jog


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