Lift Work + Helen

Earlier this week on the blog I talked about staying on top of your health goals over holiday weekends with having healthier desserts and side dishes to pass at gatherings. Checkout the post here. Not only is keeping your nutrition in check on holiday weekends important, getting in a quick and effective workout at least one of the days of the weekend will motivate you to keep it a healthier weekend! Getting in a workout first thing in the morning will help set you up for success the rest of the day and make you feeling great! Sometimes on holiday weekends you might not have access to a gym or have limited time, but those aren’t excuses to just skip your workout. No matter how limited your time and equipment is, still get in a workout! Check out the 35+ workouts under the Fitness tab to find a workout for the weekend that work with your schedule.

Lift Work + Helen

– 20 minutes lift work: perform a lift you need work on focusing on form


Helen: 3 rounds for time

– 400m run

– 21 kettlebell swings

– 12 pull-ups


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