Body Weight HIIT Circuit

Happy Friday friends! The sun is finally out and it is going to be an amazing weekend, I can just feel it! Last night a couple girlfriends and I hosted an event called Sweat Sip and Sample. We rounded up a bunch of motivated people to get their health on and we coached them through a fun HIIT workout then ate delicious protein packed snacks and talked all things health. It was a blast! It is amazing to see people step outside of their comfort zones, commit to bettering their health and watching them transform. The most difficult part of living a healthy lifestyle can be just getting started but when you do, the benefits are well worth it! Here is the sweaty HIIT workout we did. Cheers to the weekend all!

Body Weight HIIT Circuit

5 minute dynamic warmup of:

– high knees

– arm circles

– superman’s

– square jumps

– light stretching

Complete each exercise for 40 seconds and rest for 20 seconds in-between:

– jumping split lunge

– push ups

– bicycle crunches

– star jacks

– body weight squats

– tricep dips

– plank

– side skaters

– squat kicks

– shoulder taps

– Russian twists

– burpees


Complete each exercise again for 20 seconds and rest for 10 seconds in-between


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