Trail Run Workout

Running is one of those things I used to despise, dread, loath. Then I found trail running and it all changed. Trail running is peaceful to me and a stress reliever. It is quite, just me and the wooded path (and Mojo). I have time to think and focus on the task at hand. My weekly trail runs have become something I look forward too. I took my workout to the trails the other day and this is what I did. The loop I did was about 3 miles. To scale this workout, walk instead of run. Time to get after it!

Speaking of running, it is the Eau Claire Marathon this week and I am helping coordinating part of the course (The Blugold Mile). I’m excited to get out and cheer on these amazing athletes. 26.2 miles is quite an accomplishment and the runners deserve all the cheers they can get! If you are in the area, come on down to UWEC and cheer on our local students and community members! Good luck to all the runners this weekend!

Trail Run Workout

For 2 – 4 Miles

– Run .5 mile

– 10 burpees

– 20 lunges

– 30 mountain climbers

Repeat for as long as you have time for


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