Weekend Warrior Workout Roundup

Happy Fri-nally! Earlier this week I shared my Top 15 Must Make Recipes for Memorial Day Weekend. Now, I am sharing a roundup of workouts to choose from for the weekend that call for little to no equipment. A lot of the times my weekend workouts are my best because I am less stressed and just try and have fun with them. That is exactly what I will be doing this weekend and throwing in Murph on Sunday or Monday. Workout two on this list is one of my favorite no equipment workouts so I just might have to bring that one back too! Cheers to a happy and fun weekend all!

Weekend Warrior Workouts

  1. I am Spartan
  2. 5-10-15-20 HIIT Workout
  3. Backyard 30 Minute AMRAP
  4. Burpee Challenge
  5. No Equipment Do Anywhere Workout
  6. Dynamic Conditioning Workout
  7. Body Weight HIIT Circuit
  8. Trail Run Workout
  9. Determination WOD
  10. Spartan in Training Workout
  11. OCR Strength Workout

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