30 Minute AMRAP

It finally feels like summer! It is suppose to be 85 degrees today with not a cloud in sight! It is a new month which means we have another month to dominate our goals. What are your goals for the month? What are you going to work on to better your physical and mental health? This month I am working on prioritizing. I tend to take on a lot (I can’t say no!) and it usually ends with me being extremely burnt out and unmotivated to keep going. So, this month I will be focusing on the things that are most important to me and what will better me in the future. My physical goal is to find a better balance of intensity, duration and the amount I exercise in a given week. I’ve been training really hard for a long time now and my body is starting to tell me that I need to slow down. It’s not going to be easy, but I am determined and focused on my June goals to make it happen. Now, get your June goals written down, commit and do it!

30 Minute AMRAP

– 250m row

– 15 kettlebell swings

– 20 dumbbell front squats

– 15 kettlebell swings

– 20 pushups

– 15 kettlebell swings

– 20 sec ab L hold




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