Running Workout

The faster I run the faster I’m done! That is my mantra when doing running workouts and racing. Running workouts with a time duration set (like this one) I just switch my mindset to, the faster I run the more rounds I do the more conditioning I get. Endurance is an 80 percent mental game and 20 percent physical. People tell me all the time “Oh, I can’t do that because I’m not a runner.” Hell, I was one of them! If you keep telling yourself you’re not a runner you believe it and then never run. Get that out of your head, lace up and just run. Maybe you just go 1 mile or maybe you run 10 miles. You will never know unless you set the excuses aside, get out of your own head and just do it!

Running Workout

Start with a dynamic warmup

30 Min AMRAP

– run 400m (this should be challenging/hard to hold a conversation)

– walk 2 minutes


10 min EMOM

– 1 minute max burpees

– 1 minute rest


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