Spiralized Sweet Potato Taco Dinner

Guys! I am excited to announce that I have partnered with a health and wellness website and will be developing and sharing recipes for them! Don’t worry, you will still be getting recipes here too. Fitness Informant is an all encompassing health and wellness website. They have a staff of educated fitness professionals who write informed articles on workout routines (with video!), proper lifting form, diet and nutrition advice and supplement reviews. Fitness Informant was created to provide people with health and fitness information that is easy to comprehend and implement into anyone’s life.

The internet is flooded with fitness and nutrition advice that many times it gets very confusing of what to believe and the best thing to implement into our lives. I can honestly say I trust the knowledge and education of the professionals behind Fitness Informant.

My first recipe went live on their site today of a Spiralized Sweet Potato Taco Dinner. This dish is made in one pan and can be thrown together all under an hour for those busy week nights.

Spiralized Sweet Potato Taco Dinner

Get recipe here!


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