Stair Intervals and Franabell

I’ve recently switched gyms and the gym I go to now doesn’t have air conditioning. I secretly love it. Sure, at times it feels muggy but man am I able to work up a killer sweat! When I am working out I have to break a sweat otherwise I feel like I didn’t do much. I am the person who loves the workouts that leaves you completely drenched! Is that weird?

Interval training has become a favorite and go to of mine. You don’t have to workout as long to get full effects of a workout, you continue to burn a lot of calories post interval training, it is a great endurance booster and there are so many different variations of it that it is hard to get bored with. For this workout I used a stair master, but it can also be done outside anywhere their are a few flights of stairs. I would go hard for 2 minutes then bring my heart rate down for 2 minutes and I repeated that for 30 minutes changing the intensity of my “hard” 2 minute intervals. Start your weekend right by working up a sweat! Head to the gym or go find some stairs and get it done!

Stair Intervals and Franabell

– 30 minutes of stair master intervals



– 21 kettlebell thrusters

– 21 burpees

– 15 kettlebell thrusters

– 15 burpees

– 9 kettlebell thrusters

– 9 burpees



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