Shoulders + 15 Min AMRAP + Abs

We made it to the holiday weekend! With July 4th just next week, I will be enjoying a much needed long weekend at the family cabin. Cabin weekends are one of my favorite summer activities. We always have great food, good company and can relax but also get our fitness on. I will be getting in a few workouts over the long weekend not because I feel I have to, but because I want to. Working out is something that makes me feel good, energizes me and sets me up to have a healthier day. Working out shouldn’t be a punishment, added stress or something that is dreaded. If it is, take a step back from it and keep looking for that activity that excites you and you look forward to doing it. Health and fitness is an ever changing journey. It’s your journey so make it what you want it to be. Cheers to the weekend and I hope everyone can get in a good sweat session or two!

Shoulders + 15 min AMRAP + Abs

Dynamic Warmup


– 4 x 8 Strict shoulder press


15 Min AMRAP

– 200m run

– 10 squat cleans

– 10 pull-ups


2-3 rounds

– max leg levers

– max incline Russian twist

– max hanging knee raises



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