Cardio and Ab Circuits

It’s FriYay! I haven’t been following any sort of workout program for awhile now and I am actually really enjoying it! I have been integrating body building, circuits, HIIT, yoga  and some power lifting into my weeks and I haven’t been this happy with my workouts in a long time. I get in, do movements that I am feeling that day, sweat a ton and am on my merry way. I used to follow specific programs to a tee (and I am sure I will again) even if I dreaded every second of the workout. Taking this time to just listen to my body and do what it is craving has been refreshing and motivating to get to the gym every day. Have you been lacking motivation lately? Listen to your body and do what it is telling you it wants. This might be amping up your workouts, incorporating more active rest or trying something completely new. The other day I went into the gym with the intentions of lifting but ended up doing this cardio and ab circuit instead because I just wasn’t feeling the weights. Let’s get it done!

Cardio and Ab Circuit

– Run .5 miles at 1% incline

– Row 100m

– Run .4 miles at 2% incline

– Row 200m

– Run .3 miles at 3% incline

– Row 300m

– Run .2 miles at 4% incline

– Row 400m

– Run .1 miles at 5% incline

– Row 500m


3 Rounds

– 10 rollout ab rollouts

– 10 pike crunches

– 30 total Russian twists on a swiss ball

*See ab exercises here


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