Front Squats + Running Workout

This week has flown by! I have had so much going on lately that the weeks are flying by. It is all good things though so I feel very fortunate for my business! I leave Sunday for a huge health and wellness conference in Las Vegas! The supplement company I am an ambassador for is having their largest annual event of the year this coming week. There will be science talks, training from the top leaders in the industry, lots of entertainment, new product launches and we are getting a multi-hour training from…… TONY ROBBINS! To say I am pumped for this event is an understatement. I leave Sunday and have yet to start packing. I haven’t even thought about what snacks I will be packing. Who am I even?! Not to worry though, I will still have two new recipes and a workout for you all next week. I might even throw in a bonus workout! Until then, here is a booty burner. Use enough weight on the front squats where the last few reps are really hard.

Front Squats + Running Workout

– 21 front squats

– 400m run

– rest 3 minutes

– 15 front squats

– 400m run

– 3 min rest

– 9 front squats

– 400m run

– 3 min rest

– 6 front squats

– 400m run

– 3 min rest

– 3 front squats

– 400m run



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