Rise n Grind Body Weight HIIT Workout

I am back home in Wisconsin with my boys and it feels good to be getting back into my normal routine again. While in Las Vegas I made sure to still get my workouts in even if that meant I got four hours of sleep or less. Whenever I am traveling I always try and break a sweat each day because it makes me feel fresh and ready to take on the day. On Monday morning my girlfriends and I ventured out onto the Las Vegas strip to get in a workout and we came across this huge group of people already working out so we hopped in. It turned out that the woman, Helen,¬†running the workout was someone I have been following and chatting with on instagram for a few months because she runs Spartan races and is part of the same health and wellness company I am. After the workout I introduced myself and before I could get my name out Helen recognized me and immediately gave me a huge hug and we talked liked we have been friends forever. Here’s the thing about Helen, not that long ago she was holding onto 90 pounds of unwanted body weight, stress and the feeling of not being a good mother because she was bogged down by her weight and low energy levels. She decided enough was enough, threw her excuses to the side and started changing her life. Through her weight loss journey her company NME, LLC was born, she completely transformed her body and life and began offering free morning workouts out of her garage for her community. And yes, she is just as awesome in person than what she is on paper. Fast forward to Las Vegas, where Helen was competing for the 2017 IsaBody Challenge Champion title, yet, she was still doing her thing by offering free workouts to anyone willing to join.

Below is the workout we did on Monday and that same day Helen’s story was told on stage to 15,000 people while competing against 15 other amazing transformation stories for the IsaBody Challenge title of the year. Because of Helen’s grit, determination and willingness to help her community in anyway possible and her complete body and mind transformation, Helen was crowned with the title of her lifetime. Helen is our company’s 2017 IsaBody Challenge winner where she was gifted with a check for $25,000. Because Helen said yes to changing her life, her life is now forever changed and she is now paying it forward to change as many people’s lives as she can that were once just like her. Read Helen’s full story here. I am very thankful and honored to have crossed path with this strong amazing woman and I can’t wait to see her do even bigger and better things!

Rise n Grind Body Weight HIIT Workout

3 Rounds for time, 1 minute each exercise, 15 second rest between exercises, 2 minute rest between rounds

– burpees

– plank

– jumping jacks

– half crow pushups

– high knees

– mountain climbers

– shoulder taps

– jump squats

– plank jacks

– suicides


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