Rise n Grind Body Weight HIIT Workout 2

Happiest of Saturday’s to you! I don’t usually post on Saturdays but I have a bonus workout for the week! If you didn’t see yesterday’s workout you can get that here and read the story behind the woman who has created the Rise n Grind workouts.

Saturdays are one of my favorite days of the week to get in a good workout. Saturdays are the day I do what my body needs most. Sometimes I hit the gym right away in the morning, other times I go for a long trail run, and sometimes I might give my body a bit of a rest and attend a hot yoga class. Just like when I’m traveling, I like to start the weekend with a sweat session to set myself up for a great weekend. Weekend workouts are also a great time to change things up or try something new like signing up for a race, attending a fitness class or finding a new trail to venture on. Whatever gets you moving on a weekend, do it because you will be grateful that you did!

Rise n Grind Body Weight HIIT Workout 2

3 Rounds for time, 1 minute each exercise, 15 second rest between exercises, 2 minute rest between rounds

– burpee frog jumps

– hallow hold

– cross body mountain climbers

– suicides

– walking lunges

– plank up downs

– suicides

– squat pulses

– butt kicks

– bear crawls


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