30 Minute Body Weight EMOM

Happy Friday! It is the start to a long weekend and I can’t wait! I just heard on the radio this morning that Labor Day weekend is the least traveled holiday. I was surprised because we travel every single Labor Day weekend. Just two years ago we were in Bayfield Wisconsin getting ready for our wedding! Just last Labor Day weekend I was soaking up the last bit of summer at our family’s cabin. This Labor Day weekend we are making a day trip to Devil’s Lake to hike and then off to the family cabin. Even when I am traveling I like to get in a good workout. My traveling workouts are generally only between 20-30 minutes to break a sweat and get some endorphins running. Traveling or not this weekend, this workout can be done anywhere at any time. Keep it an active and healthy weekend with getting in a sweat session or two!

30 Minute Body Weight EMOM

– minute 1: 10 burpees

– minute 2: 20 star jacks

– minute 3: 30 tuck jumps

– minute 4: 40 walking lunges

– minute 5: 50 min plank


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