Kettlebell Conditioning AMRAP

It’s Friday and it’s time to get our Friday sweat sesh on. I did this workout the other day when I only had about 25 minutes to fit in a workout so I did two rounds. Feel free to do as many rounds as you have time for.

I have been changing up my workout program about every couple weeks lately and am in a power phase right now and loving it! It has been far to long that I did power cleans or any type of jerk. Since I am still deciding on where I want to go with my fitness at the moment, I am keeping myself motivated by changing things up often. I am also trying really hard to listen to my body and do what it is feeling. If I am not feeling the workout I have programmed for the day, I will do something else. I realized the other day that for years now I have been training a specific way, doing specific workouts to attain a certain goal or physique. Now that I am giving myself more freedom and range to do more workouts that actually motivate and drive me I feel so good! The pressure to perform and look a certain way has been lifted and all I have to focus on is what makes me feel my best. If you are feeling the pressure I used to feel I encourage you to figure out what truly makes you happy and do more of that!

Kettle Bell Conditioning AMRAP

2 – 4 AMRAP

– 400m run

– 10 KB swings

– 10 KB high pulls

– 400m run

– 10 KB single arm snatches (each arm)

– 800m run

– 10 KB goblet squats

– 10 KB Russian twists


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