10 Minute Full Body HIIT Circuit

Happy FriYay! I’ve been changing up my workouts a bit this week to keep myself motivated. Motivation isn’t something that is always there so finding ways to stay motivated is important for living a healthy lifestyle. I tried a new boot camp style workout earlier this week and am go back for round two this weekend. It was nice to get out of my ordinary routine, meet new people and get in a different type of workout. The last couple Friday’s I have been changing up when I go to the gym and today I even threw in this HIIT circuit for a quick warmup. Instead of letting lack of motivation creep in, I’ve found ways to kick my motivation into high gear. When you are feeling unmotivated or looking for a way to change up your ordinary routine, try something new or change up your schedule. You will be surprised what just a small change can do for your mindset!

10 Minute Full Body HIIT Circuit

2 rounds

– burpees x 45 sec

– 15 sec rest

– squat pulses x 45 sec

– 15 sec rest

– push-ups x 45 sec

15 sec rest

– jumping lunges x 45 sec

– 15 sec rest

– tricep dips x 45 sec

– 15 sec rest



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