Ignite 12 Minute AMRAP

I haven’t been to the gym since Tuesday and I’m not going again today. I am still trying to kick this bug I caught and taking time off from the gym has been the best thing for me this week, physically and mentally. In years past when I would get sick I would still drag myself to the gym and force a workout no matter how crappy I felt. My mind would tell me that I needed to go to the gym, otherwise all my progress would be lost and I’d gain weight. And, if I did skip a workout I would be very hard on myself with negative self talk and feel I would have to make up for it later. Over the years I have spent a lot of time on personal development and growth and it is times like these that I can see my growth. I haven’t been to the gym in three consecutive days and I never once had a negative thought about it. Instead, I hear my body telling me I need rest. So, I will rest. I don’t have a single regret and I know when I am feeling better I can pick up right where I left off in the gym.

Mind shifts like this don’t happen over night, though. It has taken me many years to get to this point in my health journey but one thing is for sure, I never gave up. Every step backwards I would work extra hard to take two steps forward. I took time (and still do) for me to learn and adopt habits that work for me to listen to my body and give it what it needs. I didn’t let anyone else’s journey deter me from mine. I am still a work in progress, I am still working on me and I will never stop.

The last couple weeks I have ventured into a new gym in town called Ignite. It is owned by a local crossfit gym (Fitelite) and is a group training class focusing on strength, conditioning and yoga. I like trying out new gyms and classes to keep things fresh and my motivation high. I’ve noticed that when I change things up often I see my body change quicker and I am also excited to get in my workout. I would have gone to more classes this week if it wasn’t for this dang flu! Ignite would be a great gym to join for anyone looking to start their fitness journey and if you are looking for accountability and support. The trainers know what they are talking about and will take extra time to teach proper form (which can sometimes be hard to find!). They do partner workouts on Saturdays and even have fun events throughout the month as well. If you are looking to change up your fitness routine or need more accountability I highly recommend Ignite!After warming up and working on some technique, here is the workout we did on Tuesday!

Ignite 12 Minute AMRAP

– 10 pull-ups or ring row

– 10 single arm torpedo swing (right arm)

– 10 single are torpedo swing (left arm)

– 50 mountain climbers





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