Shredded Brussels Sprout and Spinach Salad with Avocado Dressing

One of the easiest and most effective ways to get more vegetables into your diet is to prep them in bulk. When you have vegetables in the fridge ready to go at any time, you can easily grab them for lunch, snacks or dinner without having to spend time cooking them each day. Some of my favorite ways to cook and prep a lot of vegetables at once is roasting, steaming and making large salads.

Here are some of my favorite and go too roasted veggies recipes. Continue reading


Peach Mango Smoothie Bowl

I spent a long, much needed, weekend on Lake Superior in the town that my husband and I got married in almost two years ago. If you have never been to Bayfield Wisconsin it is a must visit! The quaint town, beautiful water and views and endless activity possibilities in itself is a reason to visit. If I could, I’d live up there the entire summer!

We filled a house with 13 people that had a full kitchen so all meals were cooked instead of going out. Whenever I am traveling, I prefer to stay somewhere that has a kitchen because eating out every meal for countless days in a row can be a bit much in my opinion. This trip was pretty easy to plan out my eats because we paired up and all took a day to cook breakfast and dinner. I went into the weekend knowing exactly what was going to be served for breakfast, dinner and what snacks would be available. With all of that preplanned I just need to figure out what I needed to pack for myself for lunches and if I wanted different snacks. We always over pack when it comes to food and I knew there would be plenty of food around to whip up quick lunches. So, I only needed to pack myself Continue reading

Spartan 30 Min AMRAP

I’m currently sitting on a patio of a light house taking in the view of Lake Superior. We are spending a long weekend in Bayfield, WI where my husband and I got married. Whenever I’m on vacation I like to get in some sort of movement as much as I can. It makes me feel refreshed and I’m able to fully enjoy the rest of the day. This morning I snuck out of the house while everyone was still sleeping g and got in a run. I ventured around, found a pretty trail and hung out by the sailboats  (check my snap of Instagram stories kissbybrooke). Now it’s time for breakfast and beach life for the rest of the day!

I did this workout yesterday before heading out of town. It’s the perfect workout for when you don’t have much time but want to break a good sweat!

Spartan 30 Min AMRAP

Complete as many rounds as possible in 30 minute

– 200m run

-10 box jumps

-10 slam balls

-30 sec plank

Paleo Zucchini Bread

I always try to practice what I preach and I am really good at it, most of the time. I am always saying to keep it simple [silly], hence the name of my site. I’ve been working on some projects lately that are really important to me, but very time consuming. I’m trying to keep up on life, working out, cooking healthy meals, developing new recipes all while trying to find time for my work in progress projects. To say I have become overwhelmed is a bit of an understatement.

After a minor freak out last night, I realized I am the only one adding this overwhelming amount of pressure on me and I am overcomplicating the things I need to do to be successful with my projects. I took a step back, went back to the basics, reminded myself to keep it simple and it was like a huge weight was lifted off my chest. I got a Continue reading

Mango Salsa

Oh, happy Monday! I am one who actually really likes Mondays. It’s the day you get to set the intention for the rest of the week. It’s the day to get back on track if you fell off over the weekend, it’s the day to plan the other days of the week to conquer them. It’s the day you set yourself up for another successful week. It’s another Monday, another week, another opportunity to crush life!

I am kicking my week of by dedicating myself to a 30 day fitness challenge! I’m excited to be part of this challenge because it is all about simplicity and consistency plus a whole lot of encouragement and fun! What’s going to be shared will be simple and quick home workouts from a variety of people. The best part? Continue reading

Cardio and Ab Circuits

It’s FriYay! I haven’t been following any sort of workout program for awhile now and I am actually really enjoying it! I have been integrating body building, circuits, HIIT, yoga  and some power lifting into my weeks and I haven’t been this happy with my workouts in a long time. I get in, do movements that I am feeling that day, sweat a ton and am on my merry way. I used to follow specific programs to a tee (and I am sure I will again) even if I dreaded every second of the workout. Taking this time to just listen to my body and do what it is craving has been refreshing and motivating to get to the gym every day. Have you been lacking motivation lately? Listen to your body and do what it is telling you it wants. This might be amping up your workouts, incorporating more active rest or trying something completely new. The other day I went into the gym with the intentions of lifting but ended up doing this cardio and ab circuit instead because I just wasn’t feeling the weights. Let’s get it done! Continue reading

Farmer’s Market Roasted Carrots

Summer is just the best because there are so many options to purchase fresh, natural, organic, pesticide free vegetables and fruits! Heading to our local farmers market every Saturday is becoming one of my favorite things to do on the weekends. The vibe, people and fresh smells draws me in and makes me feel good and confident that I will be purchasing and eating high quality foods. I used to think buying fresh fruits and vegetables was expensive, especially from a farmers market. I left the market with a big bundle of carrots, an entire basket of zucchini, bundle of beets, flowers and a 3lb bag of sugar snap peas. Wanna know the damage? Continue reading

Raw Beet & Apple Salad

Happy Monday! I don’t know about you, but I could use a day to recover from the weekend. It was one of those weekends that we didn’t really have set plans but we ended up doing literally everything. Ever have one of those? It was one thing to the next to the next to the next! I can’t complain because my husband and I got in some quality time and we got to spend time with family and friends doing fun things like going to a Beach Boy concert! Today I am back to my routine though! Just like many of you, I like to kick it on the weekends and just enjoy the weekend but I don’t like to stray from my routine for too long.

Part of my weekend kickin it is Continue reading

Full Body Strength Circuits

You guys, the endorphin high is a legit feeling. Yesterday was one of those days that my motivation to workout was at an all time low. After debating with myself all day long I finally made the choice to just drag my butt to the gym in hopes of it getting me out of my mood. After breaking a good sweat for about 45 minutes I was feeling the endorphin high and loving on life again! Our bodies aren’t meant to be stagnant, they need to move! The more we move, the more blood flow we have, the happier we feel. If you feel down or unmotivated do everything you can to get in a good sweat session. You won’t regret it. Continue reading

Strawberry Fat Bombs and the Benefits of Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has become widely popular and for good reason! There has been proven research showing the many benefits of incorporating coconut oil into your daily lifestyle. Coconut oil is a healthy fat. Yes, certain fats are healthy and our bodies need these fats to perform and live optimally. And not to mention, healthy fat helps burn fat! We have two types of cholesterols in our body, which we need both of but in different amounts, and coconut oil helps increase our healthy cholesterol. It not only helps increase the healthy cholesterol, it also helps change our bad cholesterol into the healthy cholesterols which will help improve heart health and lower the risk of heart disease.

Other health benefits of consuming coconut oil on a daily basis include: Continue reading