PB&J Bacon Burger

PB&J Burger with Bacon

I have found the golden ticket to having motivation in the gym. Workout next to a celebrity. Simple as that. So get this, I was just about done with my workout for the day Friday afternoon and Jake Owen walks in with his crew. JAKE OWEN! I live in Eau Claire, WI which is home of Country Jam USA. Fun fact, I used to work for the festival. If you don’t know who Jake Owen is, that’s a shame but google him so we can all swoon together.

Anyways, once I regained controlled after my minor heart attack I decided I couldn’t leave the gym, nope, not yet. I finished up my conditioning and went back into the free weight area to do more accessory work. Mind you, I was completely done with my workout for the day, I would have normally left after my conditioning. It was so damn awesome. I was working out alongside Jake Owen and his band, like seriously? I eventually started running out of exercises to do so I figured I better stop being creepy and leave. I somehow got the guts to go up to him and talk to him, though. I wished him luck at his show and we ended up talking for 5 minutes or so. His voice, ladies, is the sexiest thing ever. I just about melted the second he opened his mouth. But that’s not even the best part!

PB&J Bacon Burger

After chit chatting it up with him I stretched and foam rolled for a bit. As I was walking towards the locker room I saw Jake (yes, we are on first name basis) walking across the gym towards me. This time he started talking to me! He was joking to me about our matching outfits (we were wearing the same colors) and made a comment about my workout. He was totally flirting with me! At least that is what I am telling myself. I ended up being at the gym for 2.5 hours and I actually got in a really good lift. I met Jake Owen, OMFG!

You all need to make these burgers before grilling season is over. It is the perfect combination of sweet and savory and they are exceptional along side some sweet potato fries.

PB&J Burger

PB&J Bacon Burgers


  • 2 lbs ground grass-fed beef
  • 8 slices bacon
  • 4 tblsp nut butter*
  • 4 tblsp Cranberry Jam
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Gluten free buns** (optional)


  • Make the cranberry jam and let cool
  • Make 8 large hamburger patties out of the 2 lbs of beef
  • Spread a tablespoon or so of nut butter on 4 of the hamburger patties and spread a tablespoon of the jam on the other 4 patties
  • Compile the PB&J patties by placing a jam patty on top of a nut butter patty. Pinch together both patties so it makes one large hamburger. Repeat process until you have 4 large hamburger patties. Season with salt and a little pepper.
  • Grill like a normal hamburger
  • While hamburgers are grilling, cook the bacon
  • Place two pieces of bacon on each patty and dive in

*I used Justin’s Organic Natural Peanut Butter but feel free to use any nut butter

**Pictured are Udis Gluten Free Hamburger Buns

PB&J BaconBurger




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